Creative Gifts for Dad: DIY Garden Markers

diy-garden-markers-with-photo-2Looking for a creative gift for Dad that he will love showing off? Add some photo flair to his garden with your own DIY garden markers!

The hardest part of this craft will be asking the kids to pose for the photo; make sure they are holding a white piece of paper (cut or folded in half horizontally) to leave space to write the name of the herb.

This photo to wood transfer process is so easy and can be used for any wooden surface like these DIY wood coasters! Keep in mind you must leave the photo for a minumum of six hours to dry, so it is best to do this at least the day before. The actual rub process takes only about five minutes. Continue reading

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Celebrate the USA with these 4th of July Activities for Kids

While the adults are barbecuing, keep the kids entertained with festive and fun flower-inspired 4th of July activities! Once you’re done getting crafty, brush up on your Independence Day knowledge with these fun facts.

Sweeten the Day with Festive Lollipop Flowers

tootsie pop flowers fourth of july treatsSweeten up their festivities by showing the kids how to create their own lollipop flowers! Use red, white and blue cupcake wrappers to turn this kid-friendly craft into a patriotic activity; encourage the children to make 3-4 flowers each so they can make their own delicious arrangement! 

green dye flower diy

Dazzle with DIY Dyed Flowers

Did you know that with just a bit of water and food coloring, you can turn any ordinary into a vividly colored floral creation?! Learn how to dye flowers using our simple tutorial and help the kids make a batch of red and blue flowers to celebrate!


diy patriotic decor red white blue vase with sunflowersFlowers are Always Festive in this DIY American Flag Vase

Turn those freshly dyed flowers into a stunning arrangement bursting with patriotic flair by having the kids create their own DIY American flag vase! Using just tape, a vase, and a fabric American flag, they can help create a one-of-a-kind vase that you’ll love showing off. Take this craft to the next level by pairing the vase with a festive bouquet from our 4th of July collection!


Styrofoam Stars Decorated With Glitter and Attached to Striped Straw Handles

Add some Dazzle to your Décor with DIY Sparklers

Your flowers are dyed, your vase is ready to go, now all that you’re missing is that extra special touch to really take your 4th of July arrangement above and beyond. Have the kids create their very own DIY 4th of July sparklers to add some serious pizzazz to the arrangement!

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DIY Floral Sunglasses

diy flower sunglassesAny seasoned fashionista knows that the easiest way to add a festive touch to her ensemble is through accessories! Using just flower cabochons, and a hot glue gun, we’ve turned ordinary sunglasses into a stunning floral accessory perfect for spring or summer!

We chose to apply the cabochons to only the outer edges of the sunglasses for a more subtle effect, but you can use this method to cover your entire frame for a more attention-grabbing accessory.
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2014 Summer Interns: The Interns That Returned For More

Coming back for their second year at are Liza Pititto, Winston Jiatu and Melissa Meehan. These returning interns share their experience and what they’ve learned so far in comparison to last year.

INTERNal Perspective: Liza Pititto

Online Marketing

Online Marketing Intern Liza Pititto

I interned at last summer, so I was extremely excited when I received the news that I would be able to work for the company again this year. I felt that my first year in college would allow me contribute even more to the company. In fact, during my year at Cornell, I used the information I learned during my internship about search engine marketing and social media marketing on a regular basis. When I began my internship this summer, I was happy to jump into marketing at The high energy of the marketing department truly reflects the passion that exists throughout this company. There is not a single team member here who does not reflect ideals of compassion, kindness, and hard work. Even as an intern, team members would speak to me as an equal and would never hesitate to help me with a problem. When I didn’t quite understand an assignment, my supervisor is always willing to set aside time to work with me and help me grasp the concept. I have learned the lingo of the search engine marketing (a bit harder than expected) and I understand what each term represented, how it was calculated, and what the implications were.
Already this summer, I was able to visit the Google offices in New York City with the search marketing team. This experience was absolutely amazing. I learned so much just by sitting in on meetings with the Google and teams. I saw how the work we were doing on our side was affecting our position on a Google search page when consumers search words like “flowers,” for example.
I am so proud to be interning once again at It is a privilege and I feel even luckier knowing that my internship is with a company that values learning and is willing to teach the interns instead of asking them to get coffee or file papers. I am so excited for what’s in store for the interns this summer. If it is anything like last summer, I know it will be an absolutely amazing experience.

INTERNal Perspective: Melissa Meehan

Interactive Marketing – Gourmet Food and Gift Baskets DivisionMelissa Meehan

Working at this past winter gave me a great incentive to return this summer. I interned in the Merchandising Department for Direct Plants, where I was exposed to various aspects of online marketing. Now that I have graduated from Marist College with a Communications degree and a minor in Business, I decided to take my career down the digital marketing route here at!
I have returned to work for in the company’s Gourmet Food and Gift Baskets division’s Marketing team and hope to learn more about the online marketing industry. While much of what I am experiencing is new to me and could hardly be taught in a classroom or by a textbook, each day I learn more and more about how online digital marketing works and the different aspects that go into making’s online presence a successful and powerful one.
My manager, Neil, along with my two other managers are spending time with me each day teaching me not only how to run reports, but explaining to me why and how important they are to the Gourmet Food and Gift Baskets brands. I am also learning how to use new software/websites and analyze data. At times the amount of information can be overwhelming, but my team is so supportive and empowering that I am never afraid to ask questions. I am quickly adjusting and am confident that in time, I will make a positive difference at!

INTERNal Perspective: Winston Jiatu

Online MarketingOnline Marketing Intern Winston Jaitu

This summer, I was fortunate enough to join for a second year. Because, I have a strong background in statistics and mathematics, last year I worked with Analytics and Decisions Services, and this year, I am working as a marketing intern for Online Marketing. It’s great to finally utilize what I learned in school and my experiences last year for my internship this year. Working in a different department has been very eye-opening because it has shown me how vastly different two ends of an office could be and how my skills could be useful in both. I learned valuable and helpful skills, especially when working with the programs, “Statistical Analysis System” and ”Structured Query Language.”
As an actuarial science student at St. John’s University, I am able to apply what I learned in probability and statistics to both my projects this year and last year.
Throughout the two years, I was able to see how much change occurred at including the internship program. It has improved to incorporate the interns more into the company by encouraging us to participate in exciting events and projects. I am glad to be back as an intern at again for another year.

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The 2014 Summer Interns Have Arrived!

Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to bring back “The INTERNal Perspective” by our blooming group of interns! Returning for its third year, “The INTERNal Perspective” captures our intern’s individual experience and contribution to 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. Each of our 33 interns bring along different sets of skills fit for almost every department ranging from vendor relations to marketing and information technology. This year, not only are the interns juggling assigned work from their departments, but they are also participating in “Summer of a Million Smiles” community events as well as a Summer Internship Project to create their own start-up company under the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM brand. It will be a jam-packed summer so stay tuned for weekly updates on “The INTERNal Perspective!”

2014 summer interns

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Celebrate America’s Birthday with These 4th of July Party Ideas

Celebrate Independence Day with a bash that’ll go down in history! From invitations to decorations, check out these festive and fun 4th of July party ideas that will make your event the celebration of the season!

Fourth of July Party Invitations

Let guests have a preview of the fun you have planned with a wow-worthy 4th of July invitation! has a collection of both free and premium online invitations that will ensure guests choose your soiree over the other invites they receive.

fourth of july party invitation celebrations

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Outside the Box Father’s Day Gifts

Throughout the years, Dad has graciously given you some of the best gifts in existence. He sacrificed early weekend mornings teaching you how to ride a bicycle. He took on the responsibility of family camera man to make sure he captured life’s most precious moments and memories. Though intangible, the gifts dear ol’ Dad has given you throughout the years are unforgettable, irreplaceable, and proof of Dad’s unrelenting affection.

This year, pair your Father’s Day gifts with an activity or sentiment that can’t quite fit in a box, but will make his Father’s Day one he’ll never forget.

Outside-the-Box Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

Cook a Homemade Dinner:

Cater the Father’s Day menu to Dad’s unique tastes and personality. Is he known for his love of lobster or steak? Or, if your father grew up in a foreign country, why not put together a meal filled with his favorite childhood dishes, for the perfect blend of food, fun, and nostalgia.

stock yards tailgate collection steak-burger 106668

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June is National Rose Month: Celebrate With these Rose Inspired Ideas

June is National Rose Month! Not only does this popular flower come in a variety of colors, but there are also 100 different species found all over the world! Here in the U.S, the rose is renowned for its beauty and meaning, and was even chosen as the official National Floral Emblem of the United states as well as the state flower for New York, Iowa, Georgia, North Dakota, and the District of Columbia.

Celebrate this sweet scented flower with these rose-inspired crafts and activities!

Rose Crafts and Activities:

Make art with pressed roses. Create your own crafts or framed art with pressed roses using our how-to make pressed flowers tutorial. Once your roses are pressed, the possibilities for creativity are

Preserve flowers in paraffin wax. Use our tutorial for preserving your flowers, and use these waxed beauties to create centerpieces, framed art, and even wearable accessories!preserve-roses-paraffin-wax

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Patriotic Décor For Flag Day: DIY American Flag Vase

diy-patriotic-decor-red-white-blue-vase-with-sunflowersWith Flag Day on June 14 and July 4th coming up, summer is a time to show America how much you love her! Using simply a fabric American flag, and some tape, we turned an ordinary vase into a stunning DIY American flag vase in under five minutes.

We paired this vase with a happy bouquet of stunning sunflowers that really made the vase pop. Make several of these DIY patriotic decorations to place around the room, or in a row on the main dining table. Don’t let your red, white, and blue decor stop there! Be sure to check out our other patriotic ideas including DIY star sparklers, a painted luminary vase, and red white & blue dipped strawberries!

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Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Personality Type

From the early weekend mornings spent teaching us how to ride a bike to the late nights spent fixing every crack, hole, and appliance, Dad has given us hundreds of reasons why he’s the best. Surprise your one-of-a-kind Dad with a unique Father’s Day gift that’ll warm his heart (and make you his favorite).

Creative Father’s Day gifts:

For the Businessman

diy-fathers-day-gifts_photo-terrarium-completeGive Dad’s work desk or home office a new look with a unique desk plant or dish garden. We took this gift to the next level by using Dad’s favorite photos to create a personal and fun DIY photo terrarium.

For the On-The-Go Dad

Best Friends - Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

Is Dad always on the road? Surprise him with the ultimate flavor combo – bacon and cheddar cheese – in crunchy popcorn form with The Popcorn Factory’s best flavor friends popcorn pairing, for a gift he can savor on those long, lonely travels.



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